Based on the outcomes of this study, each acre of hydrilla would require between 5-9 harvester-hours to manage hydrilla and its rapid regrowth. For this reason, Hydrothol® is a valuable tool in improving access to the water for recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and water skiing. This page is a general aquatic weed control guide. The summer of 2019 was one of the largest hydrilla harvest projects ever recorded. Aquatic Weed Control: How To Get Rid of Aquatic Weeds. 6 Homemade Herbicides: Kill the Weeds Without Killing the Earth By. Sonar, The Flexible Solution Sonar aquatic herbicide offers both selective and broad-spectrum control capabilities. It is the only known occurrence of the plant in Wisconsin. Homemade Seaweed Fertilizer. Writer. Hydrothol® provides control where you need it, in the application area, not away from the target area. Taking care of the duckweed before it has time to spread prevents the need for chemical treatments, such as the aquatic herbicide. One of the ways to prevent a duckweed infestation is through aeration. Using the aquatic herbicides suggested, you can get control of any aquatic weed species. Also, aquarium hobbyists should never release aquarium plants or fishes into open water. Our aquatic vegetation control supplies include fast-acting herbicides and weed removal tools that are effective against the most common species of weeds, floating weeds, and emergent weeds. In 2007, hydrilla was discovered in a man-made pond in Wisconsin in Marinette County. For operations that require water intake, hydrilla can pose a problem by clogging the intake pipes. Hydrilla is an economic drain. annually on hydrilla control. Derek Markham. HYDRILLA, solutions for pond and lake owners! Responsibility of the control of hydrilla lies with the recreational user. Millions of dollars are lost due to reduced recreational opportunities as hydrilla mats interfere with boating, swimming, fishing, etc. The homemade weed killer "could" be okay for occassional use, but I would not use it on a regular nor a frequent basis. Seaweed -- also known as kelp -- is a free and organic fertilizer for those living near the ocean. Boats and other water-recreational vehicles, including boat trailers, must be inspected carefully when they leave a hydrilla infested waterway. In flowing waters hydrilla will greatly reduce flow and can cause flooding. It could initially kill weeds but it could alter the growing conditions of the soil to promote another resistant plant or even damage the microorganisms in the soil that keep the soil "healthy" and functioning properly. The safest and most effective homemade duckweed killer is to control it naturally. The aquatic weed category pages give additional information on the different species and specific treatment instructions and options. Derek Markham is a green living expert who started writing for Treehugger … Best Submerged Weed Control Methods: 1) Manual Removal Familiar problematic species include coontail, several pondweed species, bladderwort, hydrilla, and some species of water milfoil, such as Eurasian water milfoil (other species of milfoil are native and much less aggressive). Introduction to small ponds in California in 1976 have been traced to a contaminant of waterlily shipments. Today, it is found in many states in the U.S.